Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia
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Nike Free Pink The end of the Cold War meant changes in

Nike Free Pink The end of the Cold War meant changes in military and federal policy that would threaten everything about the relationship between Fort Ord and Seaside, and between Seaside and its neighbors. First, in 1988, the Pentagon established the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRACC) to close or restructure 451 military bases across the country, including 97 major installations; Fort Ord was among the military bases being considered for closure.

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Chances of Relapse

Hi There,

I'm new to this forum and have been following this site for quite a while. My dear one was diagnosed with APML 30 days ago. We are yet to start our life...Yes, it was a panic attack when we first heard it. He's in the induction phase now, treated with Arsenic Trioxide 6 days a week. His prognosis is good so far. Would like to hear from any of you to know more about chances of relapse. The internet sites give us an expectancy period of 5 years. What happens after 5 years? Can anyone help me with this please...Also would like to understand on his fertility factor.

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I have APML. I was suddenly diagnosed 8/12/2010. I was at work on the Monday and admitted on the Wednesday. I spent 5 weeks in hospital. It\'s been 9 months now and I have just started back at work 2 weeks ago slowly working 12 hours a week. It has been a surreal time. I believe I\'m still in a space of \"is this happening to me\". I am on the 1st 3 month maintenance cycle. So what happens next? Do I ever get to have a full life? People say when you have an experience like this you are never the same? Remission is a word of mystery to me. Does that mean I still have APML? I struggle still with tiredness. Is this what its like forever now? I used to be very active, robust and full of beans. Excited by life, now its day by day.

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5 Years Remission

Well I have just passed the 5 years remission and I wish it was like crossing the finish line of a marathon and suddendly it is all over. Worked most of the day but I did go out for lunch with my wife who has been with me through it all. Not the event I had dreamt of but as I found out the world does not stop and the bills keep coming in. But I made it:)

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Chemotherapy side effects

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APML telephone discussion forum

My name is Anthony Steele - I work for the Leukaemia Foundation and I run a couple of telephone discussion forums. I would be keen to start one up for people affected by APML, but would like to hear from people to see if there is interest in participating in one.

The forums are designed to get people with APML together to discuss what it is like living with the disease, compare treatments and side-effects, and gives people the opportunity to meet others with the same condition as themselves to provide each other encouragement and support.

If you would like to participate in a forum like this, please email me:



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